My Bullshit meter is tingling :C

here come’s the pain :(


"Long distance is hard. You have to trust that as you each change on your own, your relationship will also change along with you. It takes hope, good humor, and idealism. It takes a massive dose of courage to protect the relationship at all odds. It is hard, but worth it. You’ll both be stronger as a result."
Craig M. Mullaney


im on a part of my life where i discover my self. what i want, and what i wanted to be

geeeez. for the 2nd time. im begging my parents. asking for their permission for me to shift my course, eversince i was a child, gustong gusto ko na talaga yung Geology. and given the fact na tatlo lang sa metro manila ang nag o-offer nang gantong course

  • UP Diliman
  • Adamson
  • Mapua

required GWA na transferee sa UPD is 1.75 and around 2.25 na ata GWA ko and i dont have any plan to go to mapua, sobrang bilis ng sem and mataas tution fee, so i dont have any choice but to go to Adamson University

all i can say is that im a changed man, that’s God’s honest truth, i mean if they give me one last chance i swear to allah, i’ll work hard for it.

sobrang pinag sisihan ko na talaga kung bakit di ako nag aaral nang mabuti. well i guess lessons learned. 

i dunno what happened, ginanahan talaga akong mag aral kaka-tapos lang ng 2nd sem namin ngayon sa perps, pero ngayon lang ako ginanahan ng ganto, para bang nagkaron ng sparks yung utak ko

ilang weeks nakong hirap matulog, thinking and thinking about this stuffs. i already read lots of books, and watched documentations, searching through the endless internet sites and blogs

haays. sobrang nakakabaliw. nag pa alam nako kay mama, and nag message nako through FB kay dad. and im just waiting for their final decission, bakit kase nag IT pa ako? at bakit sa perpetual pa, though im pretty good at computer subjects during my younger year. but now? well shit happens :D

what to do? what to do? what now? what now? ADRIAAAN! gumising ka na sa katotohanan.. sobrang naguguluhan nako. woot ano kayang mangyayare sa mga susunod na episode sa buhay ko?

hahaha ang kulet. sobrang nakaka excite =))

Chandelier’s ballroom at Lechugilla cave in New Mexico.. awesome isnt’ it? its definitely now on my list.. ohhh how i love geology♥ =)
The hard thing is knowing when I see life as my soul or when I am on auto pilot watching life effect my body </3

Life doesn’t occur in the colorful place we call the universe, life occurs in the perception of the mind. So to control your life you must control your mind. It is our “reality interface”

hahahahaha shit ang saya diba? diba?! diba?!! hahahaha :D:D:D
woooo happy new year guys! tara lamon =)
  • di pa ako lumalabas ng bahay ngayong araw
  • di pa ako naliligo
  • HAHAHAHA ang saya diba? XD